Crowder Bash Tournament

Crowder Bash Tournament

Crowder will be hosting their annual Crowder Bash tournament in Fayetteville, Arkansas at the Gary Hampton Softball Complex.


This year there will be 21 NJCAA teams participating in the event. Teams from Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Florida will be coming into town.


Come watch this talented group of teams March 13-15th.

Friday March 13th

12pm                                 2pm                                              4pm                                                 6pm

Crowder vs Connors          Crowder vs Johnson County        Johnson County vs Indian Hills        Indian Hills vs Three Rivers

Jeff Co vs Kirkwood            Three Rivers vs Kirkwood            Mineral Area vs Carl Albert               Mineral Area vs Allen County

Butler vs Allen County        Butler vs Jeff Co                           Butler vs Three Rivers                      Murray State vs Johnson County

                                          Carl Albert State vs Ellsworth       Ellsworth vs Murray State

Saturday March 14th                    

10am                                              12pm                                       2pm                                           4pm                                       6pm

Sau Tech vs Mineral Area                Kirkwood vs Carl Albert           Crowder vs Connors State         Crowder vs Kirkwood            Fort Scott vs DMACC

Butler vs Carl Albert                        Butler vs Chipola                     Neosho County vs State Fair      Chipola vs Connors State     Chipola vs Indian Hills

Three Rivers vs Allen County          Johnson County vs State Fair   Johnson County vs DMACC        Indian Hills vs KCK                 Jeff Co vs Allen County

National Park vs Neosho County    Three Rivers vs Fort Scott        National Park vs Mineral Area     Jeff Co vs DMACC                  SAU Tech vs KCK


Sunday March 15th

9am                                     11am                                     1pm                                             3pm

Jeff Co vs KCK                      Jeff Co vs Fort Scott              SAU Tech vs Neosho County       Fort Scott vs Murray State

SAU Tech vs Kirkwood         Chipola vs State Fair             State Fair vs Murray State            State Fair vs National Park

Chipola vs Crowder             Kirkwood vs National Park   

Neosho County vs DMACC   DMACC vs KCK