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Wade Honored with Gary Sims Award

Wade Honored with Gary Sims Award

Gary Sims Award:
Kristen Wade

(Based on character, academics, leadership and potential for success)


Background: Gary Sims was also a beloved member of the Crowder College faculty. Mr. Sims came to Crowder in 1986 via Neosho High School where he was a coach and English instructor for a number of years. An extremely popular member of the Crowder faculty, Mr. Sims was loved and admired by his students and colleagues. He was a strong supporter of the Athletic Department and quietly encouraged the student-athletes to reach their full potential. He always had an open door and students frequently stopped by to visit and seek advice. Mr. Sims endured a long struggle with heart disease. A group of Mr. Sim's friends decided to continue presenting this award following his death in 1992.

The criteria for selection includes: outstanding character, leadership – both in athletics and in their personal life, academics, potential for success in the future, and the "the spirit" of Gary Sims.

Gary Sims would have been very proud of this year's winner. Kristen shows the highest of character on and off the field. For two years, she has been a leader for the softball program and will no doubt be successfull in her future. We are proud of you Kristen! Congrats Kristen Wade on recieving the Gary Sims award.